Super Center Savior

Super Center Savior
$11.95eBook: $3.99
Genre: Christian Living
Publisher: WestBow
Publication Year: 2015
ASIN: 1490887040
ISBN: 1462723306

You will never shop at Walmart the same way. This book is a warm and witty but challenging word to Christians and church leaders from a pastor who has also worked in the business world. He understands that unchurched people need to see Christians living a joyful life in-between Sundays for it to "click." Using Walmart as an extended metaphor, Jeff Noble urges you to find your savings in a joyful relationship with Christ.

About the Book

Walmart is so many things to so many people. For anyone from a small town with a Walmart, it’s a social mecca and a hangout spot. It’s where you can get your milk and underwear in one stop. Not everything about Walmart is great, but typically the greeters are. Walmart offers great savings, but the church offers a better plan for saving.

I wrote Super Center Savior specifically for religious, small-town church goers and their pastors, deacons and committee leaders. There’s something not quite right going on in our Bible Belt communities these days when there are churches on every block with little or no real impact on their communities. Sure, there’s lots of church activity. But very little ministry truly going on.

I intentionally kept the book short, so there’s no excuse for you or your Sunday School or small group not to read it. I hope it will provoke discussion and change in your attitude about your church and your community. Most importantly, I hope that the book’s message will renew in you a deep affection and joyful surrender to Jesus Christ.

I’ve used Walmart as an extended metaphor with the church today. I am positive that somewhere between the clearance aisle and the end of the book, you’re going to discover the simple joy of living a 24/7 life in love with Jesus and your neighbors.

Oh, and if you live in a big city? You’ll especially love the book because it will remind you that “church” is meant to be like Walmart – offering savings all the time to everyone in your community.

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